Thursday, 20 August 2009

Apa ni??? Aku pun tak tau!

I was asked to this by Benson who tagged me! Since I so free so i decided to do it! =]


1. Janell

2. Niau

3. Birdy

4. Jan


1. 7th July

2. 25 December

3. 10 June

4. Family and friend's birthdays!! =D


1. Watched Hannah Montana the movie

2. Talk to Mel

3. Chatted

4. Mocked Ping Lon... XPPPP


1. Smile 24/7

2. Looking always at the bright side

3. Giving out love

4. Mock people


1. Sara

2. MIn

3. Yean

4. HIgh school friends


1. Full gaming desktop.

2. I pod

3. Capo

4. Semi acoustic guitar


1. Talking cock

2. Watch movie


4. Playing with JD. =D


1. US

2. Bahamas

3. Hawaii

4. Whole Europe


1. JD coke

2. Bacardi Apple

3. Chivas on the rocks

4. Long Island Iced Tea



2. Wallet

3. Student tag

4. Sweets


1. Green

2. White

3. Black

4. Orange


1. Gurney Plaza

2. JJ's house

3. LAB

4. 1 Utama



2. Friends

3. God

4. JD, Zero, Toby


1. Talking with my best friends

2. Going back home to Penang

3. Being acknowledged

4. Fatty! XDD


1. Daphne

2. Melanie

3. PIng Lon

4. Stephanie James

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The ultimate companion

*Step step step*
Small, soft paws steeping on my face greets me every morning,
making me smile and at the same time the burden of having to face the whole day ahead goes
away.. Opening my eyes slowly, I could slowly make out the blurry silhouette of a lil furry object. Staring at me with his oh-so-angelic eyes waiting eagerly for me to open my eyes so I could play with him. As I slowly get up, there he was patiently waiting for me to sit up. Just as I sat up he slowly edges himself nearer to me and when he was near enough, he starts slobbering me with his cute lil kisses. Where ever I go he will always be at your heel following me being the most loyal dog anyone has.
Sitting and sleeping by me when I was sick.
Looking after me making sure I was alright.
Greeting me every time I get back home makes my heart fly to heaven.
Listening me out when I have a something to say or when I'm sad or angry. It breaks my heart every time I have to leave him alone at home or when he cries every time I go out. I am feeling really bad towards him because I don't think I am giving him the right treatment he is suppose to get. I guess he knows and yet he gives me this assuring feeling that he understands and letting me take my time to give him this proper treatment. When all backs are against me he is the one I turn to.
I am so sorry D Boy. I know you deserve better than this.
I will try my best to give it to you.
I am also thankful that you're here by my side.
Your presence is all i need to face this world .
Your love is so abundant that I am feeling real bad for taking it and not offering you the same
I really hope you will still accept me as your friend with a lot of flaws.
I do not want you to take me as a master but more as a friend.
I'm sorry to people who wants to see him but I'm feeling really stingy
and wants him all to myself. =]

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

In loving memory!

It has the eyes of the angel,
When he stares at you, your heart instantly melts,
Its way of prancing is that of a deer,
Its stripe on its back makes it look like a skunk,
At a glance, many fell directly in love with it,
Its small paws walking in everyone's heart leaving nothing but footprints,
Tiny little footprints stamped at the hearts of many,
Its small body was battling something so big,
Making it the warrior of me,
It has touched the lives of many, 
It showed me a way of new life and how short it is,
If only I could spend more time with you,
There is a hole where my heart used to be,
Because he yanked it out and died with it,
Keep it Zero, 
Its yours forever,
May you be in prayers of everyone you know,
Thank you so much Zero!
You are badly missed by many Zero!

In loving memory of Zero! <3>

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Some public bus antics! =]

I do not know why do people resent taking the bus! Its actually kinda interesting in many ways! LOL! I've been taking the public bus practically everyday for the past year and I find it is actually not bad! Hehe! OK here goes! I am here to spill some antics of the public bus...(Most of these buses refers to the Meat row buses in KL.)
As you know the KL jam is horrendous and when its not its just a smooth sailing ride back home. BUt its different when you are sitting on a public bus in Malaysia! When the road is all clear meaning that there is no cars on the road, this is the only time in public history that the bus is actually moving at around 20km/h. It is so slow that if you walk, you will reach your destination 1st. But when the roads are so jammed up or during rush hours, these buses' speed reaches up to about 80km/h. Can you see the irony of this? =]
Look at another irony of the Malaysian public buses. There is a company by the name of Rape it which does not live up to their name! It takes aeons to wait for a one of its buses to arrive so i guess they should actually change their name and not mislead anyone..
The bus drivers and conductors are the ones to look for! THey gives you the best entertainment during your long bus ride home. When you want to go down at the next stop you will press the bell to let the driver know you want to get down. But when your stop comes he just continue moving. You press the button more times and yet he switches off the sound! So you walk to the front and tell him" Abang, saya nak turun la! Awat tak berhenti?" He replies"Sorry Ah moi! Tadi punya bus stop tak ada orang. Ada Rape It belakang. Klu saya berhenti nanti dia ambik la customer saya. Tunggu yea next stop I bagi you turun!"
Ok fine that was one. THen when you board the wrong bus. 
Conductor: Nak pi mana???
You: Nak pi .....
and he has to shout to you and embarass you in front of the whole bus
Conductor: HOi you bodoh ka?? Bus ni tak pi sana la! You tak tau baca ka?? 
You: Lepas tu camner??
Conductor: TUrun la lepas ni! Bodoh sungguh!
then when the bus stops
Conductor: Ni.. Ni...*gestures towards you* turun turun! Kacau saja!
and down you go blindly looking for the bus to go home! 
When you are in the bus and decides to go till the last stop and suddenly at one stop before which is like quite far from the stop you intend to go they shout
"HOi turun la! Ni stop last! Alarh lebih lebih pula! Ni bukan taxi OK??? Ni Bus!
And all of us will like we know its a bus but we haven't reach our stop yet but nevermind we are all Malaysians!
Have you ever listen to the conversation they have among the drivers. They have this kind of walkie talkie installed on the buses and they communicate through there! The things that they talk about are hilarious! If you take the bus to work in the morning please do hear it. That is when they put it to the loudest and you can hear clearly! Got one time i came across news that one of the driver's dad passed away. and they asked everyone to pray for him! Then there was once they were discussing where to go after work! Its fun listening to them! 
I do not understand why these people want to fetch so many people when their bus cannot contain them? When the bus is already crammed with people. All of us in it is already suffocating from the lack of air, you can still see and hear the conductor shouting for customers! Weird! There is even not enough space for the conductor and yet he still calls more people. "Kota Raya! Kota Raya!" Then he will start shouting to all of us thats already in the bus "Masuk lagi masuk lagi! Moi, bang, kak masuk sikit! Tu ada tempat lagi!" 
I am not sure what space is he seeing because as I know all of us are so crammed up against each other that I don't think that even Viruses can pass through! We are worse than sardins packed in cans! We are humans packed in a bus!
On your 1-2-3 hours bus ride home, look around! Look at the people beside you! You can see all types of people from babies to grannies. There are some who picks their nose and flick their gold to the person in front or stick it beside the chair or even eats it! Ewww! There are some who sleeps and are snoring really loudly! There was once i encountered a lady who is learning to speak and read in Mandarin and she was like reading her book out loud! Oh that was really hilarious and yet annoying at the same time! 
THere YOu Go! Its actually not that bad sitting on public buses! Its actually kinda fun! Don't miss out on this fun! Go experience it! You will not really regret! hehe! =D

Monday, 27 April 2009

Holy SPirit come down unto Me!

Have you had the holy spirit laying down on  you??

How was the feeling when "It" did??

On the 25th and 26th of April 2009, I attended a Charismatic Youth Rally. I was really reluctant to go at 1st because I had my final exams on the 27th! BUt i went and part of me did not regret me attending this rally as at this very day 26th of april at around 3.30 i felt the holy spirit lying on me FOR THe FIRST TIME in my entire life of being a Catholic! 

At first all of us planned to go back after the session but i did not know what that made us all stay back for the praying over! 
At first I was kinda worried as I wanted to go back home and my aunt was calling me already. So I just sat there thinking of the ways of transport to bring me back home! As i was thinking, the speaker, a priest started calling on the Holy Spirit to come down! From then I don't know why but I feel assured that everything is ganna be alright. I am going to go home safely without any hassle! 

So as the priest called the Charismatic people to come in front, I started to shake! I tried to stop but I just stood there shaking. My heart started racing like never before! In my mind was thinking why am I shaking?? Am I afraid of GOD??? or rather the holy spirit!

So as those people started laying hands on the people in front of me, I shook harder. As I saw one by one they fell my heart raced faster. My body shook harder and sweat start forming at my forehead. When it was my turn I just suddenly calmed down. So the lady whispered to my ear "My dear Jesus loves you!" I nodded and closed my eyes. In about 1 minute of her saying a prayer my legs suddenly felt so weak. I felt as though someone is pushing me back. And down I go! *what happen here I don't know how to describe in words*

As they lay me on the floor I tried to get up but then there was a strong force pushing me down! I had no strength to fight the force to lift myself up. So I just laid there opening my eyes staring at the ceiling! When finally I could get up I was thanking God for that feeling! 

This experience is and will be treasured in me forever as I don;t think I can ever forget it. I may not be the holiest person but all I have to do is know that God is here for me and He Loves me! 
Jesus loves you!

Monday, 23 March 2009


Do one have to wait for their near death to hear their children say I LOVE YOU? 
It was only at my grandma's death bed that my dad forgave his OWN mother. 
It was only then that we as grandchildren thought about how loving our grandmother was to us! 
It was only then that her children say I'm sorry.
It was only then that 3 out of 4 of her children came together as a family, supporting each other without fighting.
Even after she died 2 of the siblings fought. They couldn't look each other in the eye. Telling everyone else how angry they were to each other.
1 did not even shed a tear when news of his mother passed away was passed to him.
All they could ever think is" Yay! I do not have to pay for her medical bills anymore." 
1 grandchild even said this" Just because grandma died I did not get to fully attend a camp." 
Most grandchildren asked" Why do we have to follow this STUPID tradition?
1 of her children was really reluctant to join in the funeral as he has to pay the bill of the funeral.
Her sister's grandkids cried during her funeral when even all her OWN grandkids did not even shed a tear. 
Even at a day like this we acted so cold towards her. What has she done towards us to make us treat her this way?
When all I can think of is that she has treated us with unconditional love which we all pushed away. 
Ah Ngan I love you and I'm sorry for what I have done and said! 
I miss you a lot as you were my only grandma I know. 
It was really great having you as a grandma.
You were awesome with your generosity. 
I REALLY MISS MY GRANDMOTHER. if only i could turn back the time, i would savour all the time i had with her.


May I have 3 days of your time?

Everyone make demands. No matter how big or small one is. The famous one that most housewife or impatient person would say is "i would demand to see your manager". 

Demandings comes naturally to a human being. Everyone is born with what i would like to call ability.  A kid as young as 2 months know how to make demands as they demand for food when they are hungry or demands to be changed when their diapers are full. Even the dead make demands. Like demands to be cremated or buried. Demand for a grand funeral. This ability allows humans to live in this demanding world. 

But all the demands listed are demands of needs and materialistic. These are the demands seen in the bigger picture. What if its broken down or looked into detailed. Specified to the smallest way possible. You can see that each and everyone's demands has the slightest most undetectable sign of question towards the people they love. 

That undetectable question is
 "Would you give as much as 3 minutes of your time to change my diaper?"
 or rather 
"Would you spend 5 minutes to feed me?"
or to the dead
"Would you give up 3 days of your life for me?"